Meet the Staff

John Geddes, Managing Director

35 year advertising executive at The New York Times,  handling Studios,  Live Entertainment,  and Major Retail.

A lifelong Jazz and Blues devotee, whose tastes run from Lester Young to Charlie Parker,  Miles Davis,  Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane. And from Sinatra to Joe Willians, Ella Fitzgerald,  Sarah Vaughan and Betty Carter.

David Lee, Director of Communications

With a father who used the GI bill to attend the New England Conservatory, David was exposed to music from an early age.  In high school, he studied with Bill Saxton, and co-aired “Coltrane Lives’ with Ricky Ford at MIT.  College included a major in music and further disc jockey duties atWKCR.  He stayed at Columbia for his MBA, and another round at ‘KCR as well.  He still listens to ‘Trane as often as possible.

Bethany L. McGann, Website and Social Media Coordinator

Brought up with a  Jazz and Blues soundtrack via dad’s old records and CDs, Bethany spent her early years juggling athletic equipment with sheet music. A flautist for several years, she transitioned to trombone (after a blessedly brief flirtation with the french horn) and the lower brass section of her competitive high school marching, jazz, and symphonic bands. Now a Beltway young professional, Bethany engages her love of music by volunteering her experience in communications and social media outreach to initiatives working to bring the great cultural equalizer, (preferably live) music, to the people.